They Grow Up

Magazine quote from Julianne Moore

Magazine quote from Julianne Moore

By the side looks I got, I could sense that the other patients at the Doctor’s waiting rooom probably wondered why I took a picture of this page in a magazine. (Damn camera clicking noise, I couldnt take a picture of anything discretely). I took a picture of this page because the quote from this magazine interview of the talented and multi-nominated academy award actress Julianne Moore reflects my sentiments precisely.
It’s true. Children grow up supersonic-jetplane fast. The constant joy that you get from the abundance of hugs, kisses, affection, innocent laughters and adoring eyes from your little children sadly ends. They certainly still love you and will demonstrate it with a different and varying degree of affection but only on selected moments that ask or necessitate for it. The acts of affection has more depth. You learn to settle more on quality than quantity. When they grow up, they don’t look at you admiringly anymore as the best magical Supermum or Superdad that ever happened to them. You blink your eyes and you slowly discover that your now grown up children’s lives become solely their own and we as parents only become a part of it if we behave accordingly. We hope that the good family and life values and sense of gratitude we instilled in them become their nature with every breath they take. We hope that the endless love we nurtured and cherished them with and the continious support we offer them will equip them with strength to confidently face their own life’s challenges in the most postive way. We hope that the good education we provided at home and at school will lead them to a path to wisely choose the best life they truly deserve. I have a 14 year old daughter and a 6 year old daughter. So I am still kinda lucky. I still have the best of both worlds. I receive doses of love and affection with both quality and quantity…

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