Bus Ride

Priority Seat Sign

Priority Seat Sign

Standing up inside a moving bus is almost like a human feat. Okay, that statement is a figure of speech but it is indeed a challenging balancing act particularly if you’ve got a fashionable pair of 2 1/2-inch-stilettos underneath your feet coupled with a sturdy handbag on your right hand and a small sized gym bag hanging on your left shoulder whilst trying to maintain a minimum personal space in a crowded bus. That’s me this morning after giving up my seat to an appreciative heavily pregnant woman. I am quite petite so you can imagine how I couldn’t comfortably hang on to the hanging handles on the bus for supposedly providing stability to the passengers who are standing up. It’s a  bit of a challenge because I have to do this for at least half an hour depending on the traffic. To avoid this predicament, I always make an effort to walk up to the further bus stop where when the bus stops to pick up passengers, I still have a choice to pick a window-seat because the bus is still half-empty.  Whilst comfortably settled in my seat,  I could either then listen to my favourite breakfast radio show, catch up with social media, read the news (all activities using my smartphone) or take a short nap (if I had a late night the night before). As the bus picks up more passengers, it becomes more crowded and more people end up standing up. Eventhough I am busy looking down on the little screen of my smartphone I  always take notice who are standing up. Not many passengers do that even those inconsiderate passengers who are rudely sitting down on priority seats reserved for the following less mobile or physically challenged individuals: 1) disabled 2) pregnant women 4)parents with babies or little children 3) elderly and 4)anyone else who might have an imjury. Eventhough I make an effort to walk an extra kilometre to a bus stop to catch an empty bus, I could easily offer or give up my seat to someone who needs it more than I do. Rarely, there are a handful of kind and thoughtful men who would offer their seats quicker than I would. I have no hesitation in offering my seat even if it means I have to struggle balancing standing up on my uncomfortable stillettos for more than half an hour. It provides me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. It’s my pleasure to help someone even in the smallest way possible. However, it makes me wonder why so many people don’t do the same? Are they living in oblivion or they just don’t care?

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