Smallest Things

A quote from Winnie The Pooh

A quote from Winnie The Pooh

In the middle of a crowded room with flashing neon lights, reverberating dance music, beaming faces, sounds of joyful laughters, a mix of men’s after-shave, women’s perfume and alcohol stench and continious chattering background noise, this little card on every table grabbed my attention. It is a quote from Winnie The Pooh, popularly known as Pooh Bear which is a fictional teddy bear character in a children’s book. The card says “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” The teddy bear is spot on. It is the simplest things that give so much joy in my life. The little things that cost less and mostly free. My list is long and as I grow a little wiser as I grow older learning more intricate details of things about life, the list is perpetually growing. I find immense pleasure in the  small things that are mostly, a part of my daily grind.

The  incredible beauty of nature is perennial. Without having to sound to such great extent of being naive,  I initially had an impression that the joy one finds in small things  is commonplace and as ordinary as a warm sunshine or a beaming moonlight . Unfortunately, I soon discovered that so many people relentlessly search for bigger things and ignore the beautiful little things right before their seemingly blinkered eyes.  The enormous effort they put in to achieve bigger things which consequently place unnecessecary stress and pressure on their short lives. If truth be known, I don’t even know what big things are out there that can make me a happier individual than what I am now. I seriously think that a continious appreciation of small things in life is a GPS to a happier soul. Further more, I greatly appreciate the random and small gestures of kindness equally from people I know and strangers alike. And as odd as it may sound, I think it’s good to know that I share the same sentiments with a fictional cuddly and friendly bear. 😀 These types of characters in many children’s books are created in a writer’s wild imagination to teach children good morals in life.

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