Who is Freelance Wanderer

“My soul explores where my mind wanders fulfilling my heart’s desires” — Freelance Wanderer

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Mabel and I live in Sydney. I have a Filipino soul but I have an Australian heart and mind. I would like to think that my flair for style is an eclectic mix of French and Italian. I am a Lawyer (but I don’t practice), I have worked as an IT Manager (a true geek for many years), I am a Photography Enthusiast (hoping to be a professional one day) and a married Mum of two (forever and a day). I currently work in Banking & Finance as a Senior Business Analyst (let’s see how long that lasts). Just like everybody else with kids and a fulltime job, I am living a life that is delightfully chaotic, a beautiful mess yet a splendid adventure peppered with blissful moments.

I created this blog to share a few pictures and my brief account (hopefully useful) of places and spaces I’ve been around Australia and overseas. I have travelled to many cities in many countries in Europe ( eg. Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco), North America (eg Canada, USA) and Asia (eg Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China) but the posts on this blog are only from when I discovered using a DSLR camera (although some of the pictures are from my smartphone). 😀

Copyright: All photographs and writings are my own work unless stated otherwise. 

This is me...

This is me…

Professional Photography experience

Professional Photography experience

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